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When it comes to ensuring efficiency and productivity within an organization. You need to bring together, like minds who would work together to ensure day-to-day activities are being carried out without hindrance. Workers are key to every successful organization. Selecting the right workers can be a daunting experience, which is why we offer Worker Supply service.

To assist you in selecting workers with the right skill set for your company in UAE. BEX IT SOLUTION LLC is an established personnel consulting company that links regional manpower suppliers, foreign recruiting organizations, employers, job seekers, and other manpower searching companies in the United Arab Emirates. We are a one-stop shop for labor needs in all significant industry sectors that are aware of their needs.

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Thousands of construction projects are constantly underway around Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Our dedication is set towards providing those communities with dependable, adaptable solutions for your requirement for blue-collar and white-collar personnel supply is regularly renewed as our region continues to grow. We make an effort to provide balanced employment benefits as a matter of fundamental corporate policy. To guarantee and maintain a high level of competency, professionalism, and happiness of both workers and Employers, ultimately returning to increased quality of life, the company also aspires to establish an honest, sincere, and mutually beneficial partnership with foreign employers.

Soon after obtaining a job order from the clients, we start recruiting candidates. To make sure that no ground is left unturned in our hunt for the best prospects, we first review our computerized database. Second, we publish an ad in prestigious publications and at employment fairs in numerous cities and provinces. Pre-screening candidates are the responsibility of our senior staff and technical interviewers. They must create a shortlist of the most qualified candidates, who will then be recommended to the clients for an interview and approval.

At this point, the clients will be asked to send a representative to participate in the trade test and final interview with us. If the first option is not practical, we can also send the CVs of the best prospects straight to the clients. The fact that Bex IT goes the extra mile to provide our clients with a top-notch selection of the best people for their work requirements sets us apart from other Labour Supply & recruitment agencies. Here are what you can benefits from our services:

A Better Solution For Manpower

We take great satisfaction in being known as one of the top employers of contract workers in the UAE. Our skilled staff has sent people to airports, seaports, logistics hubs, building sites, manufacturing plants, and retail establishments throughout the UAE, but our strength is not just in sheer quantity. We provide end-to-end labor contracting and make sure that each new hire receives an induction into health and safety that complies with international standards, as well as internal technical training and frequent refresher courses. Each employee benefits from full-service onboarding and support.

A Better Workforce

Why do we spend so much money on our employees? Because enhancing their skills and protecting their well-being makes for a much more productive workforce and reduces the likelihood of accidents occurring on the job. Simply put, we provide superior training, management, and care for our contract employees than anybody else. We proudly wear this emblem because it has helped us achieve industry-wide recognition for our exceptional operational performance that prioritizes welfare and safety.

Training and Deploying

BEX IT SOLUTION LLC worker supply is proud of its vast and varied experience in locating and providing workers for the following industries:

👍 Supervisor & Admin Personnel

👍 Oil & Gas Manpower

👍 Heavy Equipment Operators & Drivers

👍 Engineer & Technician

👍 Agriculture Manpower

👍 Mechanical & Engineering
👍 Shipyard & Shipbuilding Manpower

Our Services At Bex IT Solution LLC

We recognize that it can be very challenging for businesses to find the right talent for a position. At Bex IT, we have made the process of finding talent much simpler by switching from headhunting to talent search, making job seekers, suppliers, and businesses all accessible on a single platform. Use our streamlined search parameters to find candidates for current, upcoming, and contract job openings. Our website can be used for:

Post your manpower requirements:

This section can be used by an organization or business searching for short- or long-term labor solutions to post its talent requirements. Notifications will be issued to the registered manpower suppliers once the position has been posted. If there is an open requirement, the Supplier will immediately notify the clients.

Post your available Manpower:

Use this section to promote your qualified personnel who are available on a temporary or permanent basis. Since idle and unfilled roles may be filled as soon as possible so that the business can run smoothly.

Post Job Vacancies:

Employers are welcome to post job openings in this section. According to the talent needs, registered job seekers and headhunting firms can apply for open positions or get in touch with the Employers directly.

Post your resume:

Job seekers can upload their most recent CVs in this section, and employers and recruitment agencies will get in touch with them depending on their talent search. The demand for positions in the UAE is always increasing; use this section to apply online directly, and you may also get the chance to be headhunted by some of the most famous recruiters. You may update your resume or apply for a position with only a few mouse clicks.

List your company:

Companies that work on a contract basis or provide labor might list themselves in this section. Please enter accurate information (phone number and contact person) so that we or our registered clients can get in touch with you if your information matches the requirements. We connect job seekers and employers, and our outcomes speak for themselves! We can recognize the best manpower providers across a wide range of professional levels, industries, and businesses around the United Arab Emirates thanks to our experience, strong insights, demonstrated performance, and attention to detail.

Why Choose Our Services

We are proud of the breadth and depth of our experience in providing worker supply to the construction, marine, engineering, oil & gas, manufacturing, agricultural, information technology, mining, retail, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. We put in great efforts to guarantee that each party meets the needs and expectations of the other and have successfully matched job seekers with our corporate clients. We achieve this by taking the time to completely comprehend the unique demands of each of our clients before using exclusive recruitment tactics to identify the most qualified job prospects.

We examine each employee carefully to make sure they are a good fit for the position. We have a competent staff of human resources specialists who are capable of adapting each employment function to your needs and specifications. BEX IT SOLUTION LLC is your greatest option because we have more than 25 years of experience in the industry and only recommend employees who meet our high standards.