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Video Animation Services in UAE

Video animations are effective tools that enable you to visualize and describe the precise nature of a movie, animated feature, advertisement, or project more clearly. High-end video animation services are provided online by BEX IT SOLUTION LLC in the UAE, helping various brands gain popularity. One of the primary services we offer is the creation of visual tales.

We also help in enhancing brand value through premium online animation services. We are one of the top video animation service providers in UAE, we can achieve this through our team who understands the nitty-gritty of animation services. We can increase the value of various brands by converting forecasts into effective clients. We provide nearly all services, including motion graphic services, which provide our clients with a competitive edge in the industry.

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With the aid of our talented animators, we quickly convert the business story into a voice. This will aid in piqued attention among the target audience as well as quick and effective comprehension of the fundamental idea.

Whiteboard video animation, typographic video animation, and 2D/3D video animation services are some of the video animation services we provide. Our cutting-edge video animation services company has produced whiteboard video animation for some renowned brands as well as some corporate firms.

Overview Of Our Video Animation Services Online

The crew at Bex IT Solution LLC is highly skilled, and we are known as one of the greatest video animation companies. No other firm has ever been able to compete with the quality of video animation services that our incredibly talented workforce can provide. Whether you have to emphasize difficult concepts relating to goods or services, instruct clients or staff, or develop lavish animation characters from scratch for your feature film debut, we use the most recent animation methods and resources.

With that, we can create an animation that is of a high-grade using advanced technologies such as Adobe After Effects, Drawn Animation, Cutout Animation, Flash, Photoshop, and Adobe Animate along with techniques such as Model Animation, GCI, Stop-Motion Animation, and 3D visualization. We are a full-service video animation company.

At BEX IT SOLUTION LLC, we offer an outsourced framework that works with all budgets and guarantees that your company will receive a beautiful, animated video that meets your needs for video content.

Our innovative procedure

Every film we produce is made according to the specifications of our clients, and we achieve this in a very straightforward manner. We first construct an example storyboard for the customer to examine after learning about their requirements, and then we take that information and turn it into an audible story.

Overview of our 2D animation styles

Bex IT Solutions uses cutting-edge editing tools and a creative approach to producing 2D animations that not only appeal to your audience but also stay within your specified budget and timetable. To bring the customer’s tale to life using 2D animation, our finest video animation services team uses a variety of colors, motion, and flat graphics. Simple messages that use 2D animation that can more effectively reach their intended audience.

We generate some of the well-known animations being produced for well-known brands, so get in touch with us if you want to translate your message or idea into 2D style.

Overview of whiteboard animation videos.

We use illustrations in the whiteboard animation style to give our client’s message the power of a true hero. This animation style is best suited for complex content, such as when customers want to explain something in detail to their target audience. It can also be utilized for educational purposes or for videos that explain things. Bex IT creates unique artwork for you so that you may customize your animated explainer movies to position your goods and services more effectively, deliver educational content, or communicate complex themes using animated characters and bold text.

Whiteboard animation videos have been produced by our cutting-edge video animation services firm for both large and small brands, and anyone interested in such videos should get in touch with us right now.

Overview of mixed media animations

Our animators merge vintage live-action photos or videos with animated graphics, illustrations, and text in this type of video animation to produce a very appealing animation. This style of animated film is ideal for business communications, in-person demonstrations, or client testimonials. Before adding the most enticing animation, motion, and illustration to a unique live-action photo or video that our customers have chosen, our animators consult with them closely. With mixed media animation, there are countless opportunities. You can get in touch with us to create your own mixed media animation.

Logo Animation

To make your company’s logo engage with viewers and leave a memorable impression of your brand, Bex IT offers contemporary, innovative animated choices. We can create a unique logo for you, or we can beautifully animate your current logo in 2D or 3D.

Animation for TV commercials

To help you boost exposure and pleasure viewers, Bex IT delivers powerful, unique animation for your commercial campaigns that showcase your goods or services and brand message.

Product Animation

Bex IT uses animation to assist your business show key product features that will enlighten and persuade clients to make a purchase. Customized environments, characters, and animation effects for mockups, demos, showcases, and walkthroughs.

3D Animation

Our wide range of 3D animation services provides high-quality video animations based on your unique script or concept, ranging from product animation, 3D visualization, and stop motion animation, to 3D realistic renderings.

Animation Rotoscoping

By hand tracing over live-action or motion picture video and turning it into meticulously rendered, frame-by-frame drawings, Bex IT creates realistic animation. Bex IT Solutions recognizes how important animation is to your brand and vision. With our proactive video animation services for businesses, we can help you handle all of your animated video content requirements.


When you work with BEX IT SOLUTION LLC, a leading provider of animation services in the UAE, you can count on receiving quality and expertise that are supported by flawless production value, secure procedures, ISO standards, certified animators, and authorized technologies.