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It is inarguably that UAE encourages international investors to start up their businesses in its territory. However, investors willing to base their business in UAE must secure residence permits that would allow them to stay permanently. Obtaining a UAE visa would enable them to travel and remain in the UAE for a specific period. A residence visa is a temporary authorization permitting a person to live in the UAE.

Dealing with this for the first time requires time and effort to venture into the journey. To clarify various areas of the procedure, the process of acquiring a UAE visa can take a significant amount of time and effort. This is precisely the reason we offer assistance with UAE visas and offer pertinent consultant services.

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In exchange for saving you valuable time, our experts will guide you through the entire process, accompany you to Medical Fitness and Typing Centers, fill out application forms, submit them, and collect the necessary paperwork. We can help and advise you on visas for maids, family members, business visas, and UAE resident visas for investors and employees. The fact that we appreciate your time and aim makes it even more valuable that is what matters the most. You can trust us to handle your visa arrangements in UAE.

Being a resident of the UAE entitles you to tax breaks, good living standards, and fantastic business development prospects supported by political and economic stability. Applying for a residence permit should be one of your top priorities if you want to take advantage of these privileges. BEX IT SOLUTION LLC offers full support in getting UAE Residence Visa, Freelance Permits, and Emirates ID

Overview of UAE Resident Visa

There are typically two ways for a prospective individual who wants to reside in UAE to apply for a resident visa:

They can register a company in the UAE (making the owner of the company eligible for an investor visa) or they can apply for a position with a company that is registered in UAE. Probably, your prospective employer might sponsor you and pay for your visa application.

Duration Of The UAE Resident Visa

Depending on where you are willing to reside and the free zone where you apply for your visa, the immigration authorities and the relevant procedures attached. UAE resident visas may last for 2 to 3 years.

Cases When Your Application May Be Rejected

Applications for resident visas in the UAE may occasionally be turned down. Any application for a resident visa in the UAE is subject to review by the Criminal Investigation Department and other affected governments agency. If your application is turned down, that means that the background check was unsuccessful. If the findings of your medical fitness test indicate that you could be a threat owing to certain infectious diseases, that could be another reason for rejection. Rejected candidates cannot enter the nation.

UAE Resident Visa Renewal

Before the expiration of the visa’s validity, a resident visa must be renewed because UAE resident visas are only provided for a short time, either 2 or 3 years. The cost of a resident visa varies from emirate to emirate, but generally speaking, the government fee ranges from AED 2,500 to AED 4,950.

Application Process For UAE Resident Visa

Step 1

In practically every emirate, the procedure for applying for a UAE resident visa is similar. You must take the subsequent actions to obtain your resident visa: Apply for a document permitting admission to the UAE and get it. You must apply for the paperwork, known as an Entry Permit, before traveling abroad. Utilize an entry permit to enter the nation. Pass through security at the airport and get your entry permit papers stamped. Attendance at a medical fitness center will get you a certificate of fitness verifying your immunity to infectious diseases. Also blood test and an X-ray will be part of the medical fitness examination.

Step 2

The medical fitness test lasts 2 to 7 days. After the test is over, the results are given to the test subject. Visits Emirates Identity Authority with Medical Fitness Center to apply for Emirates ID, the country’s national ID card. This identity card includes the biometrics and private data of the applicant. 2–3 weeks after the applicant’s passport has been stamped with a resident visa, an Emirates ID is issued. However, the Emirates ID application form is adequate for the stamping of residence visas.

The applicant can submit all necessary documents, including the stamped Entry Permit, passport photos, and job contract (if applicable), to the relevant authorities for visa stamping once the results of the medical test and the Emirates ID application form are ready.

How To Maintain UAE Resident Status

You must guarantee that the following conditions are satisfied for your UAE residency to stay valid: If you are an investor and spend the majority of your time outside the UAE, you must visit the nation at least once every six months. Your UAE resident visa is current and has not expired

How You Can Benefit From UAE Resident Status

You are qualified for a Tax Domicile Certificate if you can live legally in the United Arab Emirates (if there is a Treaty on Avoidance of Double Taxation between UAE and your home country). Although, it will enable you to let your home country’s tax authorities know that you are a resident of the UAE for tax purposes.

  • You can sign a long-term lease; – You can apply for any post-paid telecom contracts; – You can open a bank account in the UAE without needing a minimum balance of AED 50,000 or more.
  • You can convert your driver’s license and get a UAE driving license. You can also enroll your children in UAE schools.

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