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There are currently millions of websites online. They differ in terms of their goal, size, prominence, funding, and other elements. Corporate websites and personal websites are the two main categories of websites that are currently popular. A digital replacement for the conventional paper resume is your website. It displays your training, abilities, and prior employment or project involvement. But it also reveals information that a paper resume cannot correctly convey. It enables you to share links to pieces you’ve authored or had published elsewhere, as well as photos and images of your projects.

However, you can personal website to share a brief bio of yourself, your mission statement, links to your social media accounts, and your contact details. It serves as your online base of operations and enables you to create a strong personal brand and first impression. Businesses and organizations have websites that are for the promotion of sales and profit purposes. Personal websites are for people. Corporate websites typically have much larger websites and sizes when compared to personal websites.

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In the current digital era, practically everyone, HR managers, recruiters, or prospective customers search you up online. Even if you believe you have never had an awkward moment on social media, the truth is that they frequently provide a less than flattering image of you. Another intriguing fact is that you won’t obtain the dream job or a new client if all you have to offer is your social network profiles.

Why You Need Personal Websites

One of the most overlooked instruments for career advancement is personal websites. A professionally designed personal website allows you to represent your brand in the most innovative, compelling, and appealing way possible as a platform for declaring your presence to the world. A personal website may be a powerful tool for showcasing your abilities, expanding your network, and turning your interests into employable skills.

Professionals with personal websites to display their work include architects, doctors, lawyers, programmers, and others. They typically advertise for jobs or work. Personal websites are frequently used to display or promote a person’s credentials, abilities, expertise, and employment history. They may be used to share experiences, have personal blogs, and do other things. A résumé or CV might help establish credibility while personal websites are used to advance professional objectives. Create social networks with people who share the same interest as you.

Personal Website Development Services We Offer at BEX IT SOLUTION LLC

We always go with the greatest option while establishing a personal website. BEX IT SOLUTION LLC has more than 25 years of experience in the digital industry and we are a top web design and development business in the United Arab Emirates. We can assist you in creating robust, user-friendly, and engaging personal websites that are created with a thorough grasp of consumer preferences in these markets and made utilizing cutting-edge web technology.

Our teams of design and development specialists have unmatched experience working with top companies across numerous industries and verticals. We will turn your website into a valuable piece of digital property that is solely yours, from selecting the ideal design to writing material that suits your personality. We add Remarkable professional growth to your website.

Early Birds

AED 1,000 /Yearly

  • 5–10-page website if you're a startup.


AED 1,500 /Yearly

  • 10–30-page website range


$AED 2,500 /Yearly

  • Full CustomeWebsite

Here are some features we can create for your personal website:

Turn the Spotlight on Your Skills and Get Noticed

We help create your personal portfolio website is the most efficient way to manage your branding and demonstrate your best skills to clients, employers, and business partners. More than 60% of senior global talent acquisition managers agreed that a personal website that is appealing, interesting, and informative leaves a much greater impression on them than any other type of resume.

Personal Brand

Building your brand is one of the most popular and successful uses of personal websites. We can assist you in showcasing or sharing your passions and skills with the world, giving your online persona a personality and identity, and transforming your special combination of abilities into a brand that others can identify with and relate to. Create your identity right now.

Improved Searchability

You can use personal web pages to increase your searchability on search engines. This can be advantageous for prospective employers and business partners who are more likely to look up your job online than on social media sites. We may work with you to optimize the content on your website so that it ranks better in search results, which will increase the reliability of this.

Hobbies to Skills

Personal websites might be utilized as a platform to highlight your hobbies in addition to your primary talents. To increase client trust in your creative abilities, for instance, if you are a web designer or user experience specialist who enjoys photography, you may add a page to your website to showcase a selection of your best shots.

Build Networks and Connections

Additionally, you can join your numerous social network accounts using personal web pages. Customers, brands, and followers may connect with you through just one window to learn more about you. Let your stylish website do the talking. Additionally, having a website allows visitors from all around the world to learn more about you, follow you, and engage with you. This can lead to new relationships as well as improved career opportunities. Any hiring manager will be able to see how your skills have developed and what projects you worked on in the meantime if they visit your website, which is very simple to update.


You might be wondering what to include in a personal website now that you understand what a personal resume website is and why you ought to have one. For our benefit, a variety of Content Management Systems has made it simpler than ever to create a personal website (CMS). The most widely used platforms are undoubtedly WordPress and Joomla, which is not surprising given how simple they are to use. Furthermore, we can use website builders like ucraft to make the process even simpler. These tools are designed to make it possible for anyone to develop a fantastic website that reflects their personal brand and business objectives.