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Any standard website design should take into account the login page, which is a page set aside for visitors to sign into the website. Why are so many login processes still such a pain in the neck? Even though it is used to reduce the necessary steps and is typically viewed as a “guide” of a design.

Like any enterprise product design, the design goal is to address security considerations as well as the experience of the offered feature itself, as well as how well it will integrate with the customer’s ecosystem. From the standpoint of UX design, usability is still one of the top concerns, but we may need to make a small concession to satisfy the solution’s requirements.

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Overview of Login Design Services

A login page’s primary function is to determine whether an account is legitimate for access. Imagine two different tables where local accounts and IAM accounts are mapped to individual accounts with unique passwords and access permissions. How does the system determine which table needs to be checked? This results in a complicated enterprise product login process. Together with their in-depth knowledge of website creation, our specialists have a solid understanding of login design. We adapt the log-in design to the goals and needs of your website

Our Login Design Aims To:

Fit into the ecosystem

Have you ever wondered why the account and password input boxes on some login pages are on the same page while they are split into two steps on other platforms? When we register for a service, we establish an identity that we might refer to as a “local account” on it. The majority of businesses, however, have adopted Identity and Access Management (IAM), which enables them to control their assets and employees’ identities when they access numerous goods or services. IAM integration makes it possible for users to sign in using a single account rather than having to register for each product individually. To finish the login procedure, the user will be sent to the Single Sign-On (SSO) page using their IAM account.

Introduce creativity to your Login design

A fantastic way to promote your brand is through login. This could be represented visually via the use of photos, graphics, a marketing message, or even the brand’s colors. This design issue is all about the art of balancing, like other design issues. Always put the login action front and center. The addition of any other items to the website should be very sparingly done to not deviate from the main objective.

The Enterprise Login Page Design Frequently Features a Few User Flows.

Here are some of the features:

User-self declaration

On some login pages, the user must first choose the kind of account before entering the account information. The system can then map the identity information to the corresponding table. However, the user’s knowledge has a significant impact on the experience. When a person signs into a console without fully understanding the type of their account, a knowledge-based error results. To guide the user to the appropriate attempt in this situation, instruction and error handling are essential.

System verification

Verifying the type of account using the system is another typical login design feature. The system will check to see if a user’s entered account is one from the integrated third-party IAM. As long as they enter the account information correctly, this prevents the user from selecting the wrong account type.

IAM integration and account type are the areas of concern in the login page design from a technical and managerial standpoint. An end user’s main objective is, quite simply, to log in to the account. What are the restrictions and compromises? It is our task to examine.

The security concerns

When it comes to identification and access management, security is among the most important considerations. The subject is broad, addressing the two the most intriguing ones.

Dual-factor or multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA)

2FA/MFA has become one of the crucial security factors in an enterprise’s information security policy when evaluating the product to buy. Enabling 2FA/MFA adds identification verification, such as a code obtained by phone or email, in addition to the password. The process can be convoluted, involving more processes and spanning numerous platforms and devices. The UX objective at this stage should be to make it intuitive. It is possible to consider a few things.

Is the administrator in charge of the 2FA/MFA toggle? or can each user independently control it? How can the user flow be guaranteed to be completed if technical challenges arise when the action requires switching across devices and/or platforms?

The error strings

This is one of the illustrations of the value of UX authoring in cybersecurity. The system ought to be able to confirm that the account and password are accurate, as was described in the section before this one. An existing account with an incorrect password or an account that is not in the backend list can result in errors. However, it is best to keep the real cause of the inaccurate entry hidden. The explanation is straightforward: if a hacker attempts to log in and they are not aware of the source of the mistake, the breadth of their hacking is reduced.

To balance this, create vagueness, Informing the user that their input was incorrect without highlighting the error If the user is not the account owner, the system will discover this.

How BEX IT SOLUTION LLC Can Add Value to Your Login Design

1. Create Familiar experiences

The finest experiences inside the ecosystem would be followed by our team, using straightforward, recognizable layouts. We will use recognized terminology and copy. This enables users to confidently and effortlessly carry out a routine action. Maintaining a minimal design also makes it easier for the website to adapt to various form factors and devices.

2. Design for focus

In a nutshell, the thumb rule believes that users should spend as little time as possible on the login page. Accordingly, the user’s attention should be entirely focused on the login (or recovery) operation. Giving users specific instructions on what to do at each step is a terrific concept for any standard website, it might scare the users if the processes are buggy.

Simple instructions like “Enter your password” will do the trick rather than extensive explanations. Humor, difficult technical phrases, sophisticated jargon, and flowery language have no place in the login process.


All these aforementioned services are what our experts can handle, BEX IT SOLUTION LLC has been a leading website developer in UAE, with over 25 years of experience and a long-time commitment. This has given us an edge in the industry. Check out our services.